Bliss is…

  • Feeling joy for no particular reason
  • Waking up and feeling rested
  • Being around people who lift you up
  • Feeling connected to what I do
  • Feeling grateful
  • Feeding my body with foods that nourish me
  • Wearing clothes that inspire me

What Our Cleansers Are Saying…

"The Bliss Cleanse was an awakening for me. It enabled me to to discover that what/when I ate, and my thoughts directly influenced my moods.The daily inspirations, recipes, and recommendations kept me motivated. I am now on the path to a nourished, grateful life! Thank you Lorraine & Lindsey!"
Debi, Bliss Cleanse Grad


"Both Lorraine and Lindsey did an exceptional job in hosting and leading the spring 2012 detox!! Both shared their wisdom with loving kindness to help each of us achieve our best.  Thank you both so very much for leading us on this journey, sharing wonderful recipes and giving us insight to leading healthier lifestyles!!!!"
Suzanne, Bliss Cleanse Grad


"Because this Cleanse did not just focus on what we were eating, it was an added benefit to have information of how to have ‘nourishing’ thoughts and how that affects your body and most importantly how to practice gratitude. I was never hungry in body or spirit, I have a new outlook,  and the Cleanse gave me the inspiration and will power to continue all that I learned long after it is over.
Alyson, Bliss Cleanse Grad